Buccal Up with USC ASDA Chapter
 The biweekly USC ASDA Newsletter brings light to important topics and news in the dental community. Due to the circumstances brought about with this pandemic, starting April of 2020 there was action taken to provide alternative ways for offering dental licensure examination. In support of this change, CDA developed and launched an advocacy portal to bring together the voice of students from all across California. And on May 28, 2020, a record-breaking change was established when the CDA confirmed that the Dental Board of California will accept manikin based licensure examination for 2020.  Read more on this topic as well as Dr. James Sung’s experience as a newly graduated dentist.   The USC ASDA Chapter Biweekly newsletter always entails valuable information for dental students to learn from and to be aware of. Every week they feature students on their student spotlight where they share insight and experiences with various topics. Interested in reading more? Contact USC ASDA Chapter to receive their amazing biweekly newsletters!

Your District 11 Newsletter Chairs,
Ava Pournejad, USC ’22 and Kelsey Lomen, UCLA ’22