Welcome to the advocacy portal for ASDA District 11

What is advocacy? Advocacy through ASDA is much more than just voicing your opinion to lawmakers. It’s about taking a united stand with dental professionals in an effort to improve the health of the community, whether that be local, regional, or national. 


Congratulations on taking the first step to becoming an advocate for yourself and your future profession! 

For those of you new to advocacy, take three minutes to watch this introductory video:

Current Issues and Priorities

Learn about several issues affecting dentistry that ASDA has established a stance on. 

  • Licensure
  • Barriers to Care
  • Student Debt
  • Midlevel Providers
  • Ect
  • Ect

ASDA’s Advocacy Brief

The Advocacy Brief is a monthly e-newsletter sent to all ASDA members. It contains information on advocacy issues, legislative and regulatory activities and political affairs related to dentistry. ASDA wants to help you understand and get involved with legislative processes at the state and federal levels. 


What can I do? Check out the website on the first week of every month: Free



ASDA Engage is a platform that allows members to read about the most current legislative topics and take action on them. This is usually by sending prewritten emails to legislators. 

How do I know when to take action?

  • Visit the Engage site at to see which issues require immediate action.
  • For critical or time-sensitive matters, ASDA will send an action alert to your email that will prompt you to take action. As an ASDA member, you do not need to sign-up; you are automatically enrolled. You can opt out of this service at your convenience.

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ASDA Action 

ASDA Action is ASDA’s newest grassroots advocacy platform. This platform builds and improves upon the ideas behind ASDA Engage.


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The American Dental Political Action Committee (ADPAC) is the bipartisan legislative arm of the American Dental Association. ADPAC gives a political voice to thousands of dentists and dental students who care deeply about their patients and profession.


What can I do? Become a member: $5 student fee


ADA’s Legislative Action Center

Welcome to the American Dental Association’s Legislative Action Center! Every day, decisions are made in Washington that can affect dentists, dental students, patients, and the future of dental care in the United States. Make your voice heard and speak out for our profession—sign up today to add your voice to the conversation.


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ADEA Advocate

The American Dental Education Association (ADEA) is The Voice of Dental Education. ADEA produces a weekly newsletter every Tuesday and includes current information about federal and state legislative activities that impact dental education.


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