Are Veneers for Everyone? – Nicolette Mahboubian LLU ‘21 and Brandon Talmood LLU ‘21

Check out this nationally published article in the ASDA Contour Magazine by Loma Linda University’s very own Nicolette Mahboubian and Brandon Talmood! Not every patient is an ideal candidate for veneers. Nicolette and Brandon delve into the specifics of when to offer veneers and what type of veneer might be the best fit for your patient.   Big props to Nicolette and Brandon, becoming nationally published is no small feat! By the way, you too can publish an article in Contour! Fill out the interest form here or email for more information.

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This article originally appeared in the June/July, 2020 issue of Contour, published by the American Student Dental Association. Authorization to repost has been attained from the publisher. Original Contour Article: i=660386&p=34&pn=&ver=html5