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Here you’ll find curated DAT resources to help assist you on your journey to dental school!



The Dental Admission Test (DAT) is a standardized, multiple-choice test required for admission to all U.S. dental schools. The DAT is administered to evaluate applicant admission potential (among many other factors) and consists of four sections: Survey of the Natural Sciences, Perceptual Ability, Reading Comprehension, and Quantitative Reasoning. 


Make sure to consult the American Dental Association (ADA) website and refer to the DAT Guide for more detailed information about exam content, testing procedures, and rules of conduct!

We’ve provided you with an outline of existing DAT preparatory resources based on the experiences and recommendations of our very own cabinet members! We understand you may have some questions about the variety of each resource and encourage you to do some investigation on your own to gain a better understanding of the materials as they relate to your learning needs. 


The websites, organizations, and resources referenced in this guide are not endorsed by ASDA and were suggested by D11 dental students who have utilized the resources themselves. They are listed in no particular order.





Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that provides students with free online courses in the form of short videos and supplementary practice exercises. The Khan Academy website and YouTube channel are chock full of useful content for DAT prep.

Free Dat Bootcamp Resources


Bootcamp Biology Notes: A concise DAT biology resource that’s easy to print off and study from. This resource assumes you have a strong foundation in biology and covers high-yield DAT concepts in 120 pages.

Bootcamp Biology Academy: This 15 chapter resource provides thorough explanations to all of the core biological concepts tested on the DAT. The outline covers the same information as the Bootcamp Biology Notes, but is far more comprehensive and includes illustrations and instructional videos.

Bootcamp Organic Chemistry Reaction Summary Sheet: Team Bootcamp has constructed the following cheat sheet to expose students to the array of organic chemistry reactions commonly tested on the DAT.

Additional Bootcamp Gen Chem Resources: Click on the tab titled “Strategy” to access additional free resources. 

Bootcamp General Chemistry Equation Sheet: Here you’ll find a helpful list of formulas commonly tested on the DAT General Chemistry section.

Additional Bootcamp Ochem Resources: Click on the tab titled “Organic Chemistry Strategy” to access additional free resources.

Bootcamp Organic Chemistry Lab Techniques: Here you’ll find a helpful cheat sheet covering basic lab techniques commonly tested on the DAT. 

Bootcamp Organic Chemistry Lab Tests: Occasionally, on the DAT Organic Chemistry section, you’ll be asked about a chemical lab test you likely encountered in your lab sections. Here you can find a helpful list of common lab tests to make sure you’re ready for these sneaky questions.

Bootcamp Quantitative Reasoning (QR) Formula Cheat Sheet: Team Bootcamp has constructed the following cheat sheet consisting of a list of helpful formulas, definitions, and strategies to kick start your quantitative reasoning studies.

Free DAT Destroyer Resources 


The DAT Destroyer YouTube Playlist is a free educational resource featuring video instruction on common DAT question types and strategies. The detailed video lessons are presented by Dr. Jim Romano, author of the Destroyer books. 



HippoCampus is an academic website containing a growing repository of free educational content sourced from a variety of respected providers, including Khan Academy, PhET, and NOAA. The site contains a large collection of study materials useful for the DAT and allows you to pick from a provider that best suits your learning style. 

Additional Resources (Student Support Groups)


You’re not alone! When compounded with classes, work, extracurriculars, and the demands of life, studying for the DAT can often feel overwhelming. As some days will feel unquestionably tougher than others, having a network of peers that can understand and relate to your feelings can be incredibly uplifting. You can find a community of current and ex-DAT test-takers on Facebook, where pre-dents and current dental students interact to share questions, helpful advice, and emotional and informational support.   

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