Gold Crown Award by Theresa Bui

During the 2020 Annual Session, the UCSF ASDA chapter was awarded with the Gold Crown Award for the Most Improved Chapter! This is a hard-earned award in recognition of the tremendous effort put in by the UCSF ASDA chapter. Their dedicated group of board members provided students with different opportunities for personal and professional growth. The UCSF ASDA chapter continues to stay committed to further offering their community the latest development within ASDA, making District 11 exceedingly proud!   Huge congratulations to the UCSF ASDA Chapter on their award and dedication to excellence! Make sure to read more on what the UCSF ASDA Chapter has been up to by using the following link:


All the best,
Your District 11 Newsletter Chairs,
Kelsey Lomen, UCLA ’22 and Ava Pournejad, USC ’22