Let us be the first to welcome you to our brand new District 11 Newsletter Blog!

Here we plan to regularly feature articles found in the most recent chapter newsletters releases from our ASDA District 11 family! We begin this project with the idea in mind to connect our California ASDA chapters through the sharing of written content. Not only do we want to highlight the hard work of our members but we also hope that this will serve as a source of new ideas and allow members to easily access articles written by students from other chapters that they may not have otherwise come across. Here’s how it works: when one of our local ASDA chapters releases its newsletter, we here at District 11 will pick one article from it to showcase here on the blog! Similarly, we will also be highlighting articles that our D11 members have written for National ASDA such as for Contour magazine and ASDA Blog. So, if you or your peers have written for either of those national publications and you would like to be featured in the District 11 blog, please reach out to district11ASDA@gmail.com. We are so excited for what is in store in the upcoming year, and we hope that this new blog project will help to inspire and connect you all during this time of isolation and uncertainty. Warmest Regards, Your District 11 Newsletter Chairs, Kelsey Lomen, UCLA ‘22 and Ava Pournejad, USC ‘22