Welcome to the Pre-Dental portal for ASDA District 11

Hey, pre-dents! ASDA isn’t limited to current dental students!


We’re glad you’re here, and we hope you’re making great strides in your path to pursuing dentistry. We’re here to help provide you with the enrichment resources and information you’ll need along the way!

D11 School Specific Pre-Dental Resources


We’ve categorized and linked some helpful D11 resources below! Check them out to learn about the variety of educational programs, pre-dental resources, and opportunities that exist in D11.


As pre-dents, ya’ll are encouraged and welcome to attend many of our events where you’ll get a chance to meet and network with the D11 cabinet, dental students hailing from across the state, and diverse and inspiring keynote speakers!

National Pre-Dental Resources


National ASDA

At the national level, ASDA is a student-run organization that serves to support, protect, and advance the interests of dental students. In addition to its major role in dental student advocacy, ASDA also functions as a support system for pre-dents and works to provide valuable resources and information for students interested in the field of dentistry. 


ASDA membership is open to any high school student, undergraduate or individual interested in dentistry. A pre-dental ASDA membership will provide you with exclusive access to a larger assortment of resources that will help you navigate your way to dental school. 


The American Dental Education Association (ADEA) is the sole national organization that represents and serves the needs of academic dentistry. Among many other roles, ADEA assists pre-dental students by supporting AADSAS, the primary application service used by all U.S. dental schools. 


D11 Pre-Dental Event Calendar 


Make sure to check back regularly to stay up to date on upcoming D11 pre-dental events, workshops, and webinars. We’ll be updating the calendar regularly to make sure you stay in the know!



We’d love to stay connected and look forward to sharing everything we have in store. Follow the ASDA D11 Pre-Dental Outreach family to keep up to date with everything pre-dental related! 

D11 Pre-Dental Outreach Contacts

D11 Pre-Dental Contact

University of the Pacific Contact

  • Instagram: @pacificasda

UCLA Contact

UCSF Contact

USC Contact

  • Instagram: @uscasdapredental

Loma Linda Contact

  • Instagram: @lluasda

Western University Contact

  • Instagram: @asdawupredental

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