Welcome to the Wellness portal for ASDA District 11

Welcome to the journey of wellness! Here, we celebrate you, your well-being, and overall health with inspiring and educational tools to help you to not only get through dental school, but also to THRIVE through dental school. This journey will not be easy, as time often puts our well-being at the bottom of the to-do list. However, here we will try to motivate you to continue to practice the little things that will, in time, improve each of the dimensions of wellness in your life. So here’s to you, as we start our wellness journey together!


Wellness Month 2021


Occupational Health: Ergonomics


Stay tuned for more information and advice on occupational wellness through ergonomics. We have several planned events this month so check out the calendar below for dates and times! And remember to keep an eye on our Instagram page @D11ASDA for more details and links.

Upcoming Speakers